New Activities for 2018!

Over the winter we have been working on extending and expanding our activity offering for groups when they are on site with us. Our aim for this is to be able to give all our visitors the best possible experience at our centre.

In order to do any of the below activities please liaise with the booking secretary by emailing prior to your stay with us so we can get the qualified staff in place to run your required session at the time you would like.


We can now offer Archery to all groups visiting the centre.
We now have a couple of options for our new Archery activity dependent on what type of group you are.
For groups without an archery permitted leader (holding a Scout Activity Permit) we are offering half day sessions, morning or afternoon for £60 per session.  We can accommodate approximately 30 people in a session,  in groups of a maximum of 12 people at a time in rotation.
For groups with an archery scout permitted leader we are able to hire out equipment for you to be able to run this activity independently.  Equipment his is charged at £15 per hour,

Exotic Mobile Zoo

Our external contact offers a 90 minute lecture which is all hands on for the audience. Our expert talks about the animals they have allowing them to be held and/or touched by the audience. Some of their largest reptiles are snakes; an eight foot long Boa Constrictor, and another is a 12 foot long Burmese Python – maybe this will fascinate your young people.
If you are interested in adding this at some point during your weekend with us please contact the booking secretary so they can organise this for you. The lecture costs £100 for up to 60 people, for larger numbers the price will vary and will be advised once confirmed numbers are given.

Bouncy Castle Hire

Why not add this to your weekend with us?

We can offer bouncy castle hire as below:

  • Half Day (3 hours) – £45
  • Full Day (8 hours) – £100
  • Full Weekends -£175
Adult supervision by one of your leaders is required at all times when groups are using the bouncy castle. 

Please speak with our booking secretary to make the arrangements for you if this is something you would like to add.
Please note unfortunately we are unable to offer the above without prior arrangements as we do not always have qualified volunteers in place on site.